Cell Phone Features 

What is a Cell Phone?

A cell phone is a portable telecommunication device, using radio link as a medium of sending data. A cell phone is also called a cellular phone, a mobile phone or a hand phone. What differentiates it to a fixed cordless telephone is the fact that instead of connecting to the base station inside your home, it connects to a cellular service provider through a cellular network. Main Use of a Cell Phone As you already guessed, a cell phone provides the user the possibility of sending and receiving calls almost all over the world. Of…

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2021 Features News 

Best Android Phones 2021

One of the most common questions I get asked is usually is something along the lines of “What is the best Android smartphone?”. What you should be asking is “What is the best Android smartphone for you?” and there are various issues, there are many Android smartphones that are game changers within the market and as a side note, I’m solely referencing devices that are on the market on retail shelves currently. What are your top 5 best Android smartphones?  Feel free to list them in the comments section below Five…

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