Are Chat Heads Really Annoying?

An interesting feature included in Facebook Home is Chat Heads. Not butt heads but Chat Heads. The messaging feature, that integrated with both text and Facebook messaging, will allow users to send and receive messages on top of other apps. So if you’re doing something on your smartphone, you wouldn’t need to switch to messaging to reply to a text or a Facebook Message. It can be done on top of the app you’re currently using. Simple. Right? No.

Here’s what Makes Chat Heads So Annoying you’ll want to Smash your Friend’s Head:

1. Writing an all Important E-mail, Moron-Head Sends a Text

So you’re writing an e-mail to a prospective client or that lazy boss of yours and one of your friends decides to drop a message, inviting you to a party tonight. As interesting as the party may be, you don’t want to lose your train of thought while drafting that e-mail that obviously helps you earn your bread in some way or the other. Distraction could mean typos. Typos could mean a pink slip. So much for an amazing Facebook experience.

2. Parents Message While you’re Slaying Dragons in a Game

We love games on our smartphones. It is hard to imagine anything that is more annoying than a notification in the middle of a gaming session. So if you’re slaying dragons or simply messing around with some filthy swine and you get a message from your girlfriend or boyfriend, asking how much they’re in love with you, it might have huge consequences. Facebook could effectively end relationships that way.

3. Messages While Watching a Video

We love playing games but watching videos is even more fun on smartphones. A messaging notification from Chat Heads dropping on top of that Katy Petty video is going to make you go nuts. Even if you’re not a Katy Perry fan you would still find it irritating. The only reason I can find to chat while watching a video is when I’m waiting for it to buffer (yes, I’m in a third world country).

4. Showing your Phone to Someone? Wait, who is that?

There are times when we love to show off stuff to our friends on our smartphones. Hey! Take a look at this, dude! So you’re showing off this amazing photo you found on Reddit and all of a sudden you get a notification on Chat Heads from someone that might get awkward. This goes out to all those guys who keep secrets. And even girls. You all know where I’m headed to with this.

5. Chat Heads won’t Work with WhatsApp and Other Apps

I use WhatsApp more than Facebook Messaging. Why? I my friends are on Facebook but I still prefer WhatsApp because it is simple and it just works. Chat Heads only supports text messaging and Facebook messages right now. I don’t expect them to add support for any other messaging service, unless they choose to buy one eventually, in the future. This is Facebook’s call to everyone who is a messaging-addict, ‘come Home, to Daddy’.

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