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Business digitization – what do you need to know?

If your company cannot be found on the Internet, it does not exist. How many times have entrepreneurs heard such or similar slogans? After hearing it several times, many business owners will decide to digitize the company, i.e., transfer it to the Internet. Of course, this applies to many aspects of the business – some entrepreneurs will choose the lowest line of resistance and create only a website. A lot also depends on the branch of the economy in which a specific entrepreneur operates – sometimes, you do not need to mark your presence on social media.

What is worth knowing when you want to appear with an enterprise on the Internet? Is a web development company necessary to prepare a not too complicated website for an enterprise? Who should be responsible for the organization’s social media?

What aspects should you consider before a business goes online?

The existence of a company on the Internet seems to be a natural consequence of its physical registration. However, the truth is that not every branch of the economy depends on Internet searches, although there are fewer and fewer of these departments. Usually, small services provided by small establishments are not advertised in this way. It is therefore worth considering whether it is essential to have a website and other media for customers to appear in the company? Will the way to reach potential recipients be recommendations or Internet searches? Of course, a business card or a marking on a map will be helpful, but it is not always necessary to build a website or a web application.

Is a web development company always necessary to create a website?

Depending on the size of the portfolio, skills, and level of complexity, a web dev company (check here:​​ may be responsible for the website, or we can do it ourselves. Of course, professionals will create a much more complicated product, but if there is no such need, you can make a simple website based on ready-made templates and web editors. If you don’t have high expectations and a budget, such a website will fulfil its function. However, it will not be as attractive and professional as the one that a web development company can prepare.

Social media – is it worth running a fan page?

However, the Internet is not only about websites but also about social media. However, running them is not always easy – gathering a group of interested people around the brand is challenging. You should also remember that this type of media is used rather by younger age groups, so you should adjust the content accordingly.

Costs and profits from digitizing business

Expanding awareness of the company’s existence by creating a website or business card can benefit the company. First, the number of customers may increase, and thus the income. The costs are not too high in the long run. It’s no surprise that most businesses also exist in the virtual world.

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