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The Most Popular Mobile Game Categories

Regardless of whether you have the latest iPhone or prefer a top Android option one thing that’s going to remain the same is access to countless mobile games. It’s true that smartphones can be used for different things, from scanning a document to writing a blog and even editing videos. But one of the main reasons people have a mobile phone is to play games. In fact, TechCrunch.com reports that 33% of apps downloaded are mobile games. That means that for every app like Google Docs, Instagram, or TikTok installed, a third corresponds…

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Are Chat Heads Really Annoying?

An interesting feature included in Facebook Home is Chat Heads. Not butt heads but Chat Heads. The messaging feature, that integrated with both text and Facebook messaging, will allow users to send and receive messages on top of other apps. So if you’re doing something on your smartphone, you wouldn’t need to switch to messaging to reply to a text or a Facebook Message. It can be done on top of the app you’re currently using. Simple. Right? No. Here’s what Makes Chat Heads So Annoying you’ll want to Smash…

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How to Remove Apps from Your Android Device

Android technology is getting better by days. As we are getting more into technology and its use, we are also experiencing a variety of problems too. Some argue that IOS is more secure than android and they may be right but it is also free from restrictions an IOS user have to face. As it is open and free, we regularly find harmful and inappropriate stuff too. Many apps and websites have to be removed which are causing unnecessary troubles. So we have to get rid of those apps for…

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