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How to Remove Apps from Your Android Device

Android technology is getting better by days. As we are getting more into technology and its use, we are also experiencing a variety of problems too. Some argue that IOS is more secure than android and they may be right but it is also free from restrictions an IOS user have to face. As it is open and free, we regularly find harmful and inappropriate stuff too. Many apps and websites have to be removed which are causing unnecessary troubles. So we have to get rid of those apps for good. Ever wondered how you can remove apps from your Android smartphone? Here we keep sharing the most popular and new Android apps and typically you guys grab them try out, but sadly some new Android users don’t know or understand how to remove apps from their android smartphone. Removing apps from Android is really easy once you get to know the method. So, during this post I’m going to share the way to remove apps from your Android smartphone to help out some of the viewers that are new to this and don’t know how to operate it properly yet. This is a very easy process and should not take you very long to understand the easy steps layered below.

How to Remove Apps from Android

This is the step-by-step guide on how to remove apps from your phone:

  • Launch the Play Store
  • Hit the Menu button and head to Downloads from your Android home screen
  • Here within the Downloads, apps are sorted by their recent update
  • Scroll down until you see the one that you wish to remove
  • Once you have found the it simply click on it and a pop up will open asking you if you wish remove the app, just hit the “Ok” button and the app will be removed from your Android smartphone

If you like to remove Android apps in other ways you can just follow these steps

Step are Following

Go into the Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.

Here you discover all of your apps that are on your phone and each of them is followed by an “uninstall” button and you just press said button to remove whichever application you want.

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